Date: September 23, 2012
Start Time: 04:00 PM GMT
End Time: 4:45 PM GMT


Our datacenter will be performing Upgrades will be performed on the distribution router serving the LAX3 server zone.
As part of the upgrade, there will be a short service interruption as we work to upgrade and replace the router and associated gear. Expected service interruption is between 30 to 45 minutes. This upgrade will provide additional network capacity, performance, and enable IPv6 capability on the LAX3 datacenter pod.

Our network operations engineers will closely monitor the work and will do everything possible to minimize any inconvenience to you. If you have any problems with your connection after this time, or if you have any questions regarding the maintenance at any point, please contact our support department

We appreciate your understanding and patience during this maintenance and welcome all feedback.

Thank You,
Management Team

Thursday, September 20, 2012

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