Jun 23rd Emergency disk check on Nile

We are seeing some issues with the file system on our Nile Server, therefore, we are taking donw this server for emergency file system check.ETA 2 hours.------- Update ( GMT 10:40 PM) -------Disk one has completed chkdsk.Now it is running on secondary drive.It amy take about 2 more hours.------- Update ( GMT 12:55 PM ) -------Still running. It is ... Read More »

Jun 19th ColdFusion Update on Hudson/Congo


Due to recent issues with ColdFusion Server on Hudson and Congo Servers, we are running latest updates.
While the update is running, CF will not be available.
ETC 1 hour from now.

William C.

~~~~~ Update ~~~~~

This has been complated.
Please open a support ticket if face any issues.

William C.